May 20, 2018
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Testimonials from Non-Members


August, 2012

"I've had chronic Trichotillomania (obsessive compulsive disorder to pull out my hair) for 57 years and it is nearly impossible to treat.  Through Seimei I was able to let go of the URGE to pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows which are the most noticeable areas of pulling.  Not many eyelashes grow now but just knowing I don't pull them out anymore is a huge relief to me and I feel much better about myself!"  Annie K

July, 2012

I was on a train with my kids and came down with a severe migraine. I thought our vacation was ruined. A person who knew Seimei was sitting next to me and offered to help. I couldn't believe how fast it worked. When I ran up to her at the Grand Canyon to thank her for saving our vacation, she said, "No, that's not me...that's the power of Seimei!" I want this ability for me and my family and am signing me and my husband up for class!"          Still Amazed, M. F.


October 5, 2011

I wish to relate my experiences with Seimei. It happened at a street fair in Madison, NJ on Saturday  October 1st. I was treated for about 5 minutes for a chronic left knee problem, involving a torn Medial Meniscus plus extensive cartilage erosion. I was frequently in severe pain prior to the treatment. After treatment I am still totally pain free, and it is October 6th. I am very amazed because by background I am a Ph.D. level organic chemist who spent 35 years in the pharmaceutical business and was  frankly, very skeptical about the "Pain Relief" sign. But, it is totally amazing how good it is to be pain free. I am planning on taking the course in the spring, so that I might be able to help others.  It will surely help in one of my volunteer activities as a Lay Chaplain, at Memorial Hermann hospital in the Woodlands , Texas.

Thanks for teaching me a bit about this technique.

Dennis Mulvey Ph.D.
Conroe, Texas 77385



My name is Matt Menges. I am a 25 year old that is very active. I had a snowboarding accident in 2004 causing my shoulder to always hurt. I came to Santa Fe and was worked on by my buddy Nic, who is also 24. I had two SEIMEI sessions and my range of motion has returned almost 100% and I am in no more pain.

Matt Menges

The night I attended a session, I had a very bad sore throat; throbbing. I did not feel well enough to drive, but did. Mindy Weinstein worked on me for most of the evening. My throat cleared, but I was skeptical. SEIMEI worked. My throat was cleared.

Barbara R.

"My right knee was very painful when I came in - After Linda did SEIMEI on me, my knee was 80% better - by a few days later, the pain was 100% gone."

Diane F. (now a SEIMEI Practitioner)

I had pain on the top of my left hand for two months. Kathy did SEIMEI on my hand and took my pain away. It is now two years later and the pain never came back.

Robert O.

I noticed "the edge" members seem to have by taking the class. Of course, I love the way the pain goes away too. Other modalities are like drinking a sweet tea. Seimei is like seeing where the tea is made. 

Beverly Kune, now a member



I had pain going up the back of my neck caused by stress. After a treatment with SEIMEI the pain was completely gone.

Dona O.

John has worked on me for about six sessions now. I first was introduced to SEIMEI through John and my friend Roy Hancock. When I am worked on, I feel a great sense of relief, not only from physical pain but also of spiritual serenity. I look forward to more treatments. To one day help myself and others!

Marcus Y. (now a Member)


Employer Partnerships

Seimei Santa Fe volunteers provided stress-relief mini sessions for employees in the care-giving business for six weeks.   “It was great having the SEIMEI practitioners here for 6 weeks taking away pain. R-Way values its hardworking employees and this was a great way to show that. We all got good results!”

Barbara Anderson, R-Way

I felt uncomfortable in my low back and hip when I came into the SEIMEI meeting. Roy shifted energy so that I am completely free of discomfort. With the assistance of Kathy, he found other energy places that needed to be moved. Nicola shifted my energy to finish my session. Thank you!

When I first came I had some pain and 'pulling' in my left upper neck. During the process of having SEIMEI move in my body. I felt as though there was a river of energy being pulled out and down. My being felt a lightness I haven't felt for a long time. When the points were found - I could feel changes happening in the heart and uterus. Still feeling great!

Dr. Susan E. F., Chiropractor

My left side of my body - upper arm and leg felt tight and much in pain. After minutes of Ann working on it, pain was gone. It does not feel tight...movement on my left side feels great.

Rose E.

On December 3, 2006 I had an accident with a table saw. I cut through my right forefinger down to the bone and to the bottom of the nail. Had reconstructive surgery. However, I had work to do in January and my finger was not feeling good and hurt. To my surprise I was healed by Roy Hancock using SEIMEI. Roy has also taken bad pain from my lower back and the knees.

Gary Wilson

This is the first time I attended and received a SEIMEI treatment for my knee. After a 1/2 hour, I was able to walk around without limping. So far it feels very good.

Dorothy C.

I came to the Thursday night SEIMEI meeting at the advice of my friend Diane because I have been experiencing pain over my left kneecap. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed my condition as patellar femoral syndrome. The pain around the kneecap has been debilitating over the last month. After one session of SEIMEI, my knee is pain free and I am able to walk without discomfort.

Susan Lettieri


Thank you so much for helping my child in the hospital. She couldn't swallow after her tosillectomy, so she couldn't take her meds and therefore they wouldn't let her leave the hospital. I don't know what you did or how you did it, but the results were remarkable and we got home. Seimei is amazing and I am so very grateful.

Anna L.


Thank you for giving me a great week, week after week! This is the first time I've been able to look at the stars in years!

A Grateful Guest, Santa Fe, New Mexico.