May 20, 2018
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seimei demonstrated as pain relief


 More Information about Seimei and Pain Relief

I just experienced Seimei. Will my pain come back?

If it is an acute pain (recent), then it may not. (See testimonials- our "Jyouka Stories." Jyouka is a Japanese term in Seimei that means "Getting the benefits of Seimei in motion") If it is a chronic condition, a series of sessions may be necessary to relieve the pain. See how long a session holds. It will depend on your diet, environment, stress level, medications, and other factors.


What can I expect to feel over the next few days?


If you have a chronic condition, you may notice changes in the nature of your pain. All changes are good, because change is a sign of movement. Chronic conditions are related to stagnation; Seimei will help to release this stagnation; this releases the nature of your problem and the pain will begin to shift.  See how long the session holds. It will depend on the factors mentioned above.


Can I learn Seimei?


Yes, you can sign up right now or apply online at For details about learning how to use and practice Seimei and the benefits of membership, please visit the CLASSES tab.


Can I do Seimei on myself?


Yes, for certain issues. However, the best way to improve your health is to do Seimei on others. (Unlike other healing modalities, Seimei does not “drain” the practitioner but in fact, makes the person using Seimei feel much better. This is because the pratitioner has an awakened life force and is helping to awaken the life force through relieving stagnation in the recipient.)



Do you know someone who has discomfort or pain?

 To receive a session, come on a Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon in NJ.

Please  call 973.427.4530 (NJ) to let us know you are coming or

(505) 471-7511 in Santa Fe (Thursdays, 6:45 in summer, Saturdays 9:45 in winter) if possible. First come, first served. By donation.

 Classes for Seimei

If you are interested in pursuing training in Seimei, we begin with Level I. Further training and levels are available – detailed information is available on our website.


Free Seimei Workshops

We offer free Seimei workshops to

demonstrate pain relief at libraries, group meetings, and other organizations. Please contact us if you know of a group interested in having a free Seimei workshop.


What is Seimei?

Seimei is our activated life force and is demonstrated as a non-touch technique to relieve pain and improve health. Seimei originated in Japan and is easy to learn and use – everyone posesses the ability to practice Seimei.


Thank you for your interest in Seimei.

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*The Seimei Foundation is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that welcomes tax deductible donations*