May 20, 2018
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Community Involvement


The SEIMEI Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to awaken people's  SEIMEI, or life force, and to teach individuals how to use this part of themselves to benefit their lives and the lives of those around them quickly and easily.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to volunteer our services to help change the nature of pain and situations in our local communities each and every week. Teachers, nurses, mothers, accountants, and others of all walks of life and faiths come to our clinic where we provide pain relief sessions. We do this every week in New Jersey and New Mexico, our primary teaching centers. Additionally, we have unique partnerships with individuals in need and agencies that serve the greater good.

In February, 2009, Precious Metals Dealers Groups, in conjunction with the SEIMEI Foundation, awarded a $10,000 grant to Eva’s Village, a shelter in Hawthorne, N.J. for the homeless. SEIMEI members work regularly on the members at the shelter.

In Santa Fe, members are focusing on people and animals.  SEIMEI members are working to support caregivers in the area of hospice and hospital services. Additionally, members work at local animal shelters to assist our four legged friends who are less fortunate, but still suffer from pain.


You can help us help others, by contributing to the scholarship fund we have set up to assist people who want to take the Level I class where students learn how to relieve pain, remove toxins, and work on food and beverage to maintain optimum health. Can't take the class but want to help? This is the perfect contribution and we are very grateful to our donors that allow us to continue making a difference in the world. We would love for you to sponsor a young person!


A mother whose son is a paraplegic whose pain is greatly relieved without drugs by SEIMEI? A wife whose husband had a serious accident and whose pain is now relieved by attending clinic? A mother whose one year old was hit by a car and has a brain injury, but who is getting tremendous relief from SEIMEI? These are some of our guests who rely on SEIMEI.

Click here to Vist the donation page and help others help themselves by making a donation today.




MAY 4-6, 2012--EDISON, N.J.


Abilities Expo is a venue for people with special abilities to network, find resources, and to share success stories. Since the Seimei Foundation works with people with disabilities, and has done impressive work with children with disabilities (traumatic brain injury, birth defects, disease, and Down's Syndrome), this was a natural fit. These Expos are presented in major metropolitan areas and draw thousands of people.                     

Seimei USA will be demonstrating pain relief in a booth at the May Expo and help to sponsor this significant event. Seimei USA encourages family members to learn Seimei to help relieve pain, reduce medication which has side effects, and strengthen family bonds. We are proud to be part of this event.



Or Contact:

David Korse,President & CEO, Abilities Expos

2601 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 200

Santa Monica, CA 90405

310 450 8831, Ext. 130 (work)

310 405 1317 (mobile)

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Seimei is a "value added" component to any workplace. In the past years, Seimei practitioners have worked with employees of service agencies, helping employees relieve pain and stress. Because Seimei is a non-touch technique, it is non-invasive, yet incredibly effective.


Seimei USA did some incredible work with amputees at a Veteran's conference sponsored by the State of New Mexico, working on PTSD and a wide range of physical ailments. One soldier said it was the first time he had gotten rid of his leg pain (amputated) in years using this technique! Seimei USA continues to raise awareness by participating in health and wellness conferences and hopes to offer services one day at the Vet Hospitals in NJ and New Mexico.


February 28, 2009
Hawthorne Foundation partners with Precious Metal Dealers Group  to support Eva’s Village with volunteers and a $10,000 grant to feed the homeless


The SEIMEI Foundation, Hawthorne, (alternative non-touch technique for healing and stress relief) in conjunction with a precious metals dealers group, will present a $10,000 grant to Eva’s Village on March 4 at 2:00 p.m. at Eva’s Kitchen, 393 Main Street, Paterson.

The SEIMEI Foundation has been volunteering at Eva’s Village during the lunch hour for the homeless and working poor. SEIMEI practitioners set up chairs in Eva’s outside courtyard, inviting anyone who wishes to partake of the Japanese non-touch technique.

This volunteer effort inspired the Foundation to seek ways to help Eva’s Village fund its vast feeding program. “The economy has caused many more to come to Eva’s for help, states Eva’s executive director, Sister Gloria Perez. We are serving more than 350 people each day in a dining room with the capacity for 240; last week our kitchen experienced the largest number, cooking 464 meals, she continued.”

It is this need which caused the SEIMEI Foundation to partner with precious metals dealers in providing a $10,000 gift to assist Eva’s Kitchen in serving the increasing number of homeless and working poor.

Eva's Village is a non-profit, comprehensive social service agency with the mission to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted and provide medical and dental care to the poor. “We are very fortunate that volunteers and donors like SEIMEI Foundation and the precious metals dealers, are reaching out to help us in this difficult economic time, stated Sister Gloria Perez. Our ability to help all of those coming to us is dependent upon the donations we receive. We are extremely grateful to all who are helping us.”

The SEIMEI Foundation provides all people the opportunity to make positive differences in their lives, improve their well-being and achieve their highest potential. The foundation is comprised of practitioners from various professions, educations, cultures and religions. The 'binding agent' for this vastly disparate group of individuals is the recognition and practice of SEIMEI  as an evolutionary process for obtaining optimal human performance and making an enduring contribution to the planet.